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What Dress is the Highest?

Apr. 27, 2021

As a TR Fabric Manufacturer, share it with you.

I didn't know what kind of season wearing, although the autumn new installation has been launched, don't worry, buy buy, open your closet, look at it, say that the elements of the stars are loved in your old clothes. It can also be found in it.

TC HeringBone Fabric

TC HeringBone Fabric

1.White shirt

The classic never is used to describe white shirts, it seems to be flat, and the fact is easier to match the fashion. Jeans, long skirts, wide-leg pants are "good partners" of the white shirt, now put the shirts into the trousers now!

2. Stripeshirt

Whether it is black and white or colored, thick or thin, stripes are one of the best patterns, no matter whether you are a small fresh or handsome, elegant or casual, stripes can be your best partner.

3. Plaid

The lattice is pretty, the plaid, the lattice shirt, can be used as a jacket, and the concentrated British wind is passing different styles.

4. Cowboy

Who else doesn't have one or two denim shirts or coats? The long shirt is equipped with a belt, and the short section is tied on the waist, and it is fashionable in minutes! Cowboy jacket is more like a good partner, which one can be equipped with it.

5. wide legs

There is no doubt that the wide legs is the most popular single product this year. The tide people who are big to the international star are wearing it, and there is a good, of course, it is best to match a pair of high heels.

6. Suit

The suit jacket is not the exclusive, with jeans is a casual fan. If you want to attract attention, you will choose a print pattern or bright colors, low-key black is a good hand. It should be a good choice for the temperature difference of the morning and evening.

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