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These Outfits Teach you How To Control a Pear-Shaped Figure!

Apr. 15, 2021

As a Cotton Lycra Fabric Manufacturer, I would like to share with you. The most typical feature of a pear-shaped figure is a thick waist and a big butt. This figure is particularly prominent among married women. The length of the shirt is very important, to avoid exposing the shortcomings of the hip width. Clothes that are too long or too short will make you look fat. The best length is to be exactly flush with your hips.

Stretch Cotton Twill Fabric

Stretch Cotton Twill Fabric

Dark colors are thinner than light colors

It is a recognized fact that dark-colored clothes are thinner than light-colored clothes. But many girls ignore this when buying clothes.

It's not that we can't wear light-colored clothes, but flesh pink and nude colors are best avoided as much as possible. These two colors are very close to skin color, and the upper body will have a sense of visual enlargement.

Elemental simplicity is king

Waist obesity is the most exposed shortcoming, but some girls like fried chicken like a slightly exaggerated style that exposes the strong waist and big ass. Such as large prints, lace, etc. Even Gillian and Liang Liang can’t hold the beauty of the prosperous age.

Reject knitting, Lycra tight fabric

Both knitted and Lycra fabrics are very close to the body, and the upper body is tightly wrapped around the body, which exposes the shortcomings of the body, or else!

If you want to conceal the shortcomings of thick waist and large hips, and solve the problem in a targeted manner, you must choose a skirt with a waist and high waist line design.

High waist enhances eye-catching effect

The high-waisted dress has a high-waisted design that visually moves the waist position to a slightly slender part of the body, and naturally there is no longer a problem of thick waist.

If you want to make the hip bones look less obvious, I recommend that you choose a high-waisted umbrella skirt or A-line skirt, which can perfectly cover your big butt~ PS: Choose a V-neck style to make it look thinner!

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